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Foundation program


level3horsemanshipThe Foundation Program is the conerstone of good horsemanship

To be a good horseman you need good horsemanship foundations and this is what the Foundation Program teaches you.
Building you and your horses confidence and skills through the series of 14 lessons.

In this course you will learn how to load and lead your horse on any length rope, work your horse at liberty, that’s no ropes or fences
Develop a correct riding seat for all situations, bareback riding, contact riding, fly changes, awsome stops and much much more.

Anything you ever want to do with is in this course or starts here in this course, this is the foundations of your horsemanship.

The Lessons will take you step-by-step through each part of your horsemanship journey, layering your skills and knowledge
as you go. Each pack contains a ‘How To’ video showing Shane and a group of students going through the actual lesson step-by-step,
showing you how to do the tasks. They also contain a theory book explaining the ‘Why To’ part of the programme and interesting and
informative articles one equine and human behaviour. Finally, the packs include a set of ‘What To’ homework cards with
clear direction on what to spend your time on.

level4horsemanshipAs you go through your course lessons you will receive assignments which you video and upload to your horsemanship coach
who will be assigned to you when you join up as a QS Student.

QS Students have access to the Student Support Forums where you can find helpfull tips and connect with others who are doing QS.

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