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Become the horseman you’ve always dreamt of being.

In the following videos you will learn how to become skillful and confident around all horses. How to bring out the best in your horse. Have an independent seat, without the need to balance on the reins or even in the stirrups.
Join with Shane as he shares the knowledge of how to not only fix horse training problems but avoid them in the first place.

You can read more about the Foundation Training Program and how it works below but for now I would like to share some great handy hints from level one of our Foundation Training Program.

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This first video is 16 min of vital ground skills that will help build your leadership and connection with your horse.
We use Release Focused Training at Quantum Savvy so you will get a chance to see how this applies in ground work.
This video will help you develop your feel, timing and leadership with horses.

This second video is 22 min of ground and ridden work to help you stay safe and have a good balanced riding positions. We cover things like saddling, rein positions, transitions and start to look at contact. This video will give you an insight into how Release Focused Training develops the try in your horse and shows you how to use your seat for communication so you no longer have to rely on the reins for control.

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So enjoy the videos and I look forward to seeing you join us for more here at Quantum Savvy Horsemanship.

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Become the horseman you’ve always dreamt of being.

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Quantum Savvy’s unique 4-way learning programme Lesson Packs include a Video with Shane Ransley coaching you and a small group of students and horses through the ‘how to’ of each lesson; including practical advice for realistic situations.

The Theory books provide support and further information about the ‘why to’ of the lesson plus include the actual lesson in written form.

A complete set of Homework Cards offer clear guidance and direction in ‘what to’ do plus assist in building your competence and confidence.

Each lesson pack has a set of Horsemanship Assignments for you to apply your new skills .
When you join as QS member you will be assigned a horsemanship coach and you can send them your assignments for feedback and coaching as you graduate through the certificate levels.

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