Being a QS Student is a fun and social way for you and your horse to progress through your horsemanship journey, whether you are able to get to live QS Events or do your courses totaly online you will be able to connect with your fellow students.As a QS Student you will be assigned your own pearsonal certified QS Instructor who will be your mentor and coach as you go through your horsemanship lessons.When you upload your horsemanship assignments they will send you feeback keeping you safe and on track to completing your certification.In the Foundation Program there are 3 levels and you will be awarded a certificate of competency for each level.
In the Harmony in Motion course there are 2 certificates. Harmony in Motion Cert and Advanced Harmony in motion cert.

Lesson_9_EmilyAs a QS Student you have access to our horsemanship video site, where you can watch videos from students and instructors.
QS students are given access to the student support areas of the QS horsemanship forum where they have access to fellow QS students, mentors and instructors.

Mentoring and support is a major key to your horsemanship success. Being a QS Student/Member gives you this key.

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