Practice Group Organizers

Become a Practice Group Organizer
Support Local Horsemanship. Thank you for your interest in the Quantum Savvy programme and playing a greater role in helping more students achieve success with their horses.
Group Organizers play an extremely important role in the Quantum Savvy family. They help bring students together to study the Quantum Savvy Programme, run all sorts of events and help local horse owners to achieve their dreams and goals.Nothing beats having a group of supportive people around you to share your experiences, encourage each other and generally share ideas with. Not only do you have your own journey to learn from but also the experiences of others that will take you to a whole new level of understanding.

Imagine having regular natural horsemanship events in your area for you and your horse to attend, like Play-Days, video nights, Challenge Days…or even have a Quantum Savvy Professional visit for natural horsemanship coaching or training. Fun days that will challenge you, inspire you, fire up your imagination and support you on your journey to horsemanship through the QS Programme. And all among a group of like-minded people sharing the journey with you.There are a growing number of Quantum Savvy Practise Groups around the world. Practise Groups are free to join and open to all horse owners keen to improve their horsemanship skills. Check out the link below to find the Practise Group nearest you, or get together with a group of friends and start your own group!
Starting Your Horsemanship Group is Easy!We’ll be on hand to offer advice and support for your group, right from the word “Go!”
Official recognition of your group will provide the following benefits:

  • * A Supervising Agent to provide assistance and support when needed.
  • * Regular contact and support from your Supervising Agent.
  • * Twice yearly (minimum) visits from your Agent plus Agent organized events.
  • * Provision of regular newsletters and other written material for your events.
  • * Insurance coverage for 1 year.
  • * A basic checklist to help make running events even easier.
  • * Regular updates with suggestions and ideas for fun and successful events.
  • * PLUS…a Practise Group Kit! This consists of 6 fabulous QS posters to put up in your area, Demo DVD’s from the most recent 3 years, indemnity forms (please photo copy for future use) AND…..a ‘100 Things To Do With Your Horse’ Pack for Level 1 to give you lots of ideas to choose from at play-days.

Become a Group Organizer

  • * Register Your Practice Group
  • To register your Practise Group and become a Group Organiser please contact us to receive your Practise Group kit.
  • * Group Organizer Agreement
  • Please fill in and return the Practise Group Agreement to become a Quantum Savvy Practise Group Organizer.
  • * Group Organizer Role
  • Find out more about what your role as a Group Organizer entails and some of the benefits you receive as a Quantum Savvy Group Organizer.
  • * Have Questions?
  • Phone on 07 5641 1861 or e-mail if you have any questions or would like advice.