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Getting Started video with Shane and Meredith.

Quantum Savvy memberships are for coaching and support as you study your horsemanship modules, the modules can be done at a pace to suit your goals.
Gold membership gives you full access to all your horsemanship modules online plus your own personal instructor who you send your assignments to for feedback and of course full access to the horsemanship support forum where we help and support each other.

Silver membership gives you all of the above except for the access to online modules and is designed for people who have limited internet access. To get each module you will need to purchase them from your account page on the QS forum and we will post you out a USB with all your videos books etc on it for instant access no downloading needed.


Yes you will need some internet access to do the Quantum Savvy program but you can do it without a computer because it is possible to do QS from a smart phone!


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