Every horse and human journey to horsemanship is unique.

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Release. Options. Program. Enjoy!

The acronym R.O.P.E stands for the principles that are behind all the tasks that we do in Quantum Savvy Horsemanship.

Release. The horse learns by release, not pressure.
Options. The horse should always have the opportunity to choose.
Program. Follow a program so you can always take a step back if something isn't working.
Enjoy. Horsemaship should be enjoyable for you and your horse.

If the R.O.P.E principles sit well with you then keep scrolling down for more information and a free trial offer to study with  Quantum Savvy Horsemanship or just click the "Start Today" button.

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Videos for your needs.

Hints and tips videos for problem solving or step by step modules, there is a pathway that works.

Horsemanship education and coaching online.

QS Membership gives you full access to our HUGE horsemanship library, that spans more than 25 years of training and coaching with Shane and Meredith Ransley, to help you reach your goals.

Video libary

Full access to the QS video area, with Horsemanship Modules to take you step-by-step to your goals.

Books and articles

Hundreds of articles and books from Shane and Meredith covering every topic and question you may have about your horsemanship.


Join our top coaches as they talk about many of the topics that we all face as horse owners and trainers.


Access to the fabulous Quantum Savvy Forum spanning nearly 20 years of informative discussion from QS students and professionals from around the world.

Horsemanship education and coaching online.

Horsemanship coaching.

Want help with your horse? Each horsemanship module has assignments to help us give you coaching. The "assignments" are made up of a series of horsemanship tasks designed to train you and your horse.
Just video your assignment and add the Youtube or Vimeo link to the "assignments for coaching" area on the forum.
Your QS coach will do a voice-over video of your assignment and upload it to your private coaching page.

Six-week online boot camp options are available also.

  • Jen Renouf

    It really is wonderful to see such significant change with small but consistent efforts. The physical and emotional differences are fantastic.

    Jen Renouf


  • Kelly McKain

    This is so helpful, thank you! The parts about getting emotional in transition to canter and it being about working at the edge of that breaking point where they don't think they can do it is something i really relate to with Smartie. That its not about 'getting canter' it's about the emotional state, staying left brain and gaining confidence in himself. Thank you!

    Kelly McKain

    United Kingdom

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